A good choice, if you want the best of both laminate and compact laminate.
You get the stylish look of compact laminate and the durable, hygienic and easy-care properties of laminate.
With Fibertops, you’ll have plenty of options to find a design that matches your style – and at a reasonable price.

What is Fibertops?

In short, Fibertops is a laminate glued to a fibreboard.
To ensure the stability of the worktop, we always laminate the underside of the board with a smooth black laminate – unless you choose DUO. In this case, you choose the colour of the laminate on both the top and bottom. Laminate consists of a thin layer of clear melamine, which protects the decorative paper underneath. Under the decorative paper, there are seven to eight layers of hard compressed laminate paper, with a total thickness of at least 0.8 mm.

Product features

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Fibertops is always 12 mm thick.

The construction of the wood-based fibreboard, to which the laminate is glued, gives the board high density and strength.

• 12 mm


Daily use

A Fibertops worktop is incredibly easy to maintain. Daily cleaning can be done with a dishcloth wrung out in warm water. Fibertops can also withstand the many small knocks and bumps that come with everyday kitchen life.

However, Fibertops with a smooth surface, in particular, can be susceptible to scratches. Therefore, you should be careful when handling chopping boards, cutlery, dishes, etc. on the worktop.

We recommend that you always use a trivet or table mat for hot pans and dishes – even though Firbertops can cope with temperatures of up to 110°C for a brief time.

Design details

With a thickness of just 12 mm, Fibertops brings lightness to your kitchen. With a free choice of all our laminates, you can find exactly the design, that matches your style and home. The black edge, which forms the fibre core of the worktop, adds a stylish touch, that works particularly well with modern kitchen designs.

Fibertops are supplied with sharp edges at the top and the bottom edge, slightly rounded.

Colours and textures

Fibertops is available in all our laminate colours – always with a black core and a smooth black laminate underneath.

From all these colours and patterns, we have selected 15 of our most popular laminates, as our standard Fibertops range.

If you like, it is possible to choose both top and bottom laminate, in the colour you like best.

Fitting the sink

I en Fibertops plade kan din vask monteres underlimet. Limningen er stærk nok til at modstå et samlet tryk på over 150 kg. Du har et bredt udvalg af vasketyper, designs og størrelser at vælge mellem.

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