DFI-GEISLER Core is a solid surface product consisting of natural minerals and acrylic. The surface is sealed, extremely hard-wearing and not affected by sunlight. It is also resistant to most chemicals in daily use.

DFI-GEISLER offers two different Core products:

Core 20 is a 3 mm solid surface worktop bonded to chipboard with an undermounted front edge so that the finished result looks like a 20 mm worktop.

Core 10+ is a 10 mm solid surface worktop, which can either be used as a 10 mm worktop or built up to create worktops with thicknesses of up to 60 mm. This affords limitless possibilities for bridge solutions, integrated bathroom sinks, etc.

In both cases, it is possible to create hidden joints, mount bathroom sinks in the same colour as the surface, and choose from a wide range of kitchen sinks for undermounting.

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