Linoleum is the elegant choice when you want a worktop with a distinctive look. At the same time, linoleum is the natural and sustainable choice of high quality. The satin matt, warm and soft surface invites you to a wonderful kitchen life.
Linoleum’s structure and surface means that the material acquires a beautiful patina over time.

What is Linoleum?

Linoleum is made from finely ground linoleum granulate, produced from pure, oxidised linseed oil and natural resin, to which wood flour, lime and pigment are added. Linoleum is manufactured by mangling these components and rolling the material out onto an impregnated paper backing. It is then given a water-based, cross-linked acrylic finish to protect the surface.

Product features

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Linoleum can be laid on three different thicknesses of chipboard, to give you exactly the look you want.

• 20 mm

• 30 mm

• 40 mm

Daily use

To prevent stubborn stains, we recommend using table mats under plant pots, vases, cups, glass, etc. If stains do appear, it is important to remove them as quickly as possible to prevent them from penetrating into the material. The surface must

be cleaned with a neutral cleaning agent dissolved in water.

If this does not help, stains may be removed by soaking the surface in water with DFI-Geisler’s linoleum care product

for about five minutes. Scrub carefully with a sponge or cloth. Finish by mopping up the dirty water with a cloth.

Design details

Linoleum is an elegant surface, which is renowned for its durability and is the epitome of high quality, design and natural ingredients – a sustainable choice. Linoleum combines a satin-matt finish with a delicate, warm texture, giving each worktop a very characteristic, individual and quite unique design and look.

Colours and textures

Our linoleum range has ten different, stunning colours. You are therefore bound to find what you are looking for, whether you want a light, dark, discrete or striking worktop.

Fitting the sink

The sink is flush-mounted in the cutout so that sink and worktop are at the same level. The join between sink and worktop is filled with silicone.

Sinks are not always fully level, so there may be some unevenness around the rim.

NB: The sink’s rim and, perhaps, the tray may take up space under the worktop.

Flush mount sink