100% green electricity

We use sustainable energy in our manufacturing process

Researchers are clear: we must halve global CO2 emissions by 2030 if we want to prevent a climate catastrophe. Yet emissions continue to increase, year on year.
Almost 75% of global emissions come from energy produced using fossil fuels. The transition to renewable energy therefore plays a crucial role in our efforts to combat climate change.
One of the key principles of the DFI-Geisler strategy is a shift “from fossil to sustainable”. This means that we replace fossil resources with sustainable ones wherever possible.
The most visible result of this strategy is our use, since 2019, of green electricity from Nordic hydropower plants – produced without emission of CO2.
Even though our electricity is climate-friendly, we constantly strive to reduce consumption in order to contribute further to climate action. For this reason, we have replaced all of our lighting at DFI-Geisler with LED lighting, which lasts longer and uses less electricity.
See evidence of our purchase of green electricity here

What is a hydropower plant?

Water in motion contains energy. And it is this energy that a hydropower plant exploits to produce green electricity. Once precipitation and water vapour from the sea have accumulated in the high-lying reservoirs in the Norwegian fells, the large volumes of water are directed through the power plant’s turbines on the way down the mountain. The water makes the turbine spin, transferring much of the energy from the water to the turbine. The principle is similar to that of a wind turbine. In this case, it is the wind that causes the turbine to spin and produce power.