Corian® and Core

A good choice if you are looking for complete creative freedom and unequalled hardness. If you choose Corian® or Core, there are no limits to the possibilities. We can give you the kitchen design of your dreams: exclusive worktops, cooking islands and bridge solutions.
All without visible joins. And you will get a worktop that will retain its appearance year after year and require a minimum of maintenance. Due to the unique mouldability of the material, your kitchen sink can be manufactured in the same material – sink and worktop will merge to create a harmonious overall effect.

What are Corian® and Core?

In 1967, a nerdy chemist working for American DuPont™ had a crazy idea. His aim was to create an artificial acrylic material with an extremely hard surface. Donald Slocum, as the chemist was called, experimented with various mixes of minerals and acrylic, and he ended up with a successful cocktail of trihydrate-aluminium, pigments and acrylic resin.  The result was Corian®, which DuPont™ patented in 1968. Since then the material has made triumphal progress throughout the world. It is seen both in private homes and in commercial use in hospitals, industrial kitchens, bars, etc.

Product features

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Corian® is DuPont’s™ original composite material and Core is a slightly less expensive version. The two composite types are available in various thicknesses.


• 12 mm 

• 30 mm 

• 40 mm 

• 60 mm

(Core • 10 mm • 20/30 mm • 40 mm • 60 mm)

Core is also available in a 20 mm version, consisting of 17 mm quality chipboard bonded to a 3 mm Core board (the worktop has 10 mm Core on the front edge).

Daily use

When it comes to daily use and wear and tear, Corian® and Core are simply a dream. The materials are highly resistant to minor bumps and knocks. On the other hand, you should never put hot dishes and pans directly on the surface.

The patented composite material is fully sealed and non-porous. Therefore, you will never have to worry about spills resulting in discolouration and stains. Nevertheless, we recommend wiping up red wine and other coloured liquids immediately.

If the worktop has scratches, burn marks or any other type of damage, Corian® and Core can be repaired in your own kitchen by a specialist and be as good as new. And because the worktop is colour-ingrained, sanding or other repairs will not leave visible marks.

Design details

Corian® and Core can be shaped to any design when heated. Not only can we shape your sink, we can create the most complex design details.

When the various Corian® and Core elements are bonded together, the join will be almost invisible once the fitter is finished with sanding and polishing. In other words, almost any kitchen design is possible: from integrated or moulded sinks to worktops in endless lengths (or thicknesses) and bridge solutions with invisible joins.

Colours and textures

Corian® is available in 100 different colours and patterns, giving kitchen dreams free rein. We can order any colour, adding an extra 10 days to the delivery time. And DFI-Geisler has selected three shades of white to keep on stock, which are suited to today’s kitchen design with its clean lines and light, Nordic look.

Fitting the sink

There are 20 different Corian® sinks to choose from, for integration in the worktop. And you can design your Corian® sink yourself. We also offer a wide selection of steel and composite sinks, which can be flush-mounted, undermounted or undermilled. The same options apply to Core, and we have four different Core sinks on stock.


The sink is at the same level as the worktop and the join between the two is filled with silicone.


The sink is fitted approximately 2.5 mm below the bevelled top edge of the worktop.


The entire cross-section of the worktop is visible around the sink.