20,000 new trees on Mors

The aim of our new community forest is to make a positive contribution to the CO2 balance and become an even more sustainable business

One of the important elements of our strategy to reduce DFI-Geisler’s carbon footprint is to support our local nature. We are therefore in full swing with our planning of a community forest on the island of Mors. In addition to capturing lots of CO2 from the air, this forest will benefit our employees, their families and everyone else in the local community.

Greener production

DFI-Geisler manufactures large numbers of solid wood worktops every year. This gave us the idea to give back to nature by planting 20,000 trees in a community forest, thus making a positive contribution to the CO2 balance.
We are currently in dialogue with the Danish forestry project Growing Tree Network Foundation, which is renowned for planting community forests in Denmark. We expect to establish woodland in collaboration with the Growing Tree Network, and the founders are very enthusiastic about the DFI-Geisler initiative:
‘Our dear Mother Earth needs lots of new forests, and the fact that we can now plant trees on private land, aided by the general public, foundations and businesses, is a huge help. If municipalities, the state, businesses and the public are to achieve a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions, afforestation on private land, as well as company and community forests, will be an extremely important element.’

20,000 trees … to begin with

We will start by planting around 20,000 trees. We will need a lot of space, so we are currently looking for a landowner or farmer who has about 5 ha of spare land suitable for afforestation.
As part of the agreement, the landowner will have the right to use the forest and will also own the trees. In short, the landowner receives a gift of a forest on the condition that it is formally registered as woodland with public access, now and in the future.